Lesson: SWBAT: review the various hook strategies a writer has at their disposal.

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT: review the various hook strategies a writer has at their disposal.

Lesson Plan

Essential Questions:

What is the function of a hook in writing?

Are all hooks appropriate for all audiences?


  • Daily Writing Prompt (5 minutes) - Should cigarettes be outlawed?  Write an introductory paragraph for this prompt.
  • Share-out (2 minutes): Choose two students to share their responses.  Give one piece of positive and one piece of critical feedback to each student. 
  • Hook (3 minutes) - Have students respond to the following in their Writer's Notebooks:  "We all know a hook grabs the reader's attention, but what grabs your attention?  Make a list in the next three minutes of things that you find attractive"
  • Share-out (2 minutes) - Instruct students to share with their neighbor their answers.  Draw out the commonalties of quality and interest. “We are only interested in things of quality i.e. money, well made food, et cetera and the interesting i.e. Limited Edition handbag, or rare art).

 Mini-Lesson (40 minutes.)

 Teacher says, "Yesterday, we dissected Knockout Introductory paragraphs.  We discovered the 6 punch approach to knockout our audience, and today, we've discovered that a great hook should be of quality and interesting.  As we continue to perfect our introductory paragraphs, we turn our attention to the hook.  I will be presenting the hooks a writer has on PowerPoint.  We will define them, look at top quality and poor quality examples, and finally we will put the hook to use.  Please be sure to take notes as I review the hook-types.  Does anyone have any questions?  Okay, let's get started."

Teacher passes out student notes (see attached documents) and projects the corresponding PowerPoint (see attached). 

The lesson is not broken up into an I, We, You.  Instead, the teacher will review the definition, show top quality and poor quality examples, and give students opportunity to use the strategy. 

Exit ticket:

The last slide of the PowerPoint


Worksheet- Hooks Worksheet (see attached documents).

1. What went well?

2. What would you change?

3. What needs explanation?



 The PowerPoint was well aligned to the student's notes.  The notes were not overwhelming, and, most importantly, a great wealth of information was disseminated efficiently. 










More Top Quality examples would benefit the PowerPoint.  In addition, tell students to avoid starting Rhetorical Questions with the word "Do."  The word "Do" yields a yes/ no answer.



The first part of the hook was meant to show that a hook is not enough.  The hook, like most things that grab our attention, must be of quality and somewhat unique.  If you are in a time crunch, I recommend cutting the first part of the Do Now.


Lesson Resources

A plethora of Hooks to choose from Student Edition   Classwork
Great Hooks for Introductory Paragraph HWs   Homework
A plethora of Hooks to choose from Teacher Copy   Notes
A Plethora of Hooks PPT   Notes
Hook HW Exemplar   Exemplar


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