Lesson: Read the page in many directions

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT understand that nonfiction texts can be read from bottom to top, right to left, circular, or randomly depending on the book's design and the reader's purpose for reading.

Lesson Plan

Read the Page in Many Directions (Lesson #5)
1. QQ (5 min.) – Name five features of nonfiction texts. 
2. Mini lesson – (10 min.)
a. Name the teaching point: Good readers understand that they can read graphic information in nonfiction texts in many directions. Today we will learn how to recognize and read some nonfiction texts in four ways: from the bottom to the top, right to left, circular, and randomly. 
b. Use the common student text to think aloud about how you would read the page in many directions. (common student text Incredible Insects Q&A by Sally Tagholm)
c.   Using the teacher’s reader’s notebook as a model and the document camera have students copy today’s teaching point and notes.  
                              i.   See the lesson files for notes
3. Students practice the reading strategy – (15 min.)
a. With students in pairs have them practice using the strategy with Incredible Insects Q&A. Circulate through partners while they practice the strategy aloud. 
                              i.   Pairs should pick a partner A and B. 
                             ii.   Partner A begins by explaining how they are going to read the page and why they are choosing that method. Next, partner A reads the page aloud tracing with their finger where they are reading. 
                            iii.   Partner B repeats this process when A is done. 
b. Quick whole class debrief of what worked well with reading the page in many directions. 
4. Independent reading time – (15 min.)
a. Students continue to read the page in many directions using their own choice for nonfiction texts. Check that students have made text selections that allow for practice with the strategy. 
5. Exit slip – (5 min.)
a.   What worked well when you read the page in many directions? When do you think you would use this strategy the most? 
6. Homework – (3 min.)
a. Nonfiction independent reading for at least 20 minutes and complete nonfiction IR log. 
1. What went well?
2. What would you change?
3. What needs explanation?
The students appreciated that graphic information can be read in many directions and felt “liberated†from having to read all this information from left to right. The text we are using, Incredible Insects Q&A, worked well for both the modeling and paired practice. 
The students were also savvy in checking their independent reading texts to see if they could be read in many directions. Some kids picked up a second text that allowed them to practice the strategy. 
So far, the aims for this unit seem to be the right “bite†for my students to consume in one lesson. We are progressing well and I can see that the students are quickly becoming more proficient nonfiction readers. 
It was difficult for me to gauge if the students were really reading in many directions. They said they were on their exit slips, but I want to see more evidence of them using the strategy over time. A change I would make is to include a quick, quarter page document where the kids would have to draw the pattern they used for reading the text and explain why they chose this pattern. I feel like I don’t have a solid document showing their use of the strategy. I know that without documentation many of my students won’t apply the strategy. They are masters at “faking†reading. 
We don’t have a school library; instead we all have classroom libraries. For this unit, I went to two local public libraries and checked out all their books on biomes, food chains, and a few general selections about animals and insects. This is what the students will study next in science. As I choose the books I made sure to pick a lot of texts that could be read in many directions. This was something I wanted to highlight with the unit. I’ve noticed that the students struggle with doing this in a logical fashion that matches the text, so I tried to get a lot of texts that they could practice with. 

Lesson Resources

NF notes many directions IMG 0110   Notes
Exit Ticket with lines for OEQ s   Assessment
nonfiction reading log   Homework
Quick Questions with lines for OEQ s   Starter / Do Now
Good Readers of Nonfiction...   Notes
Read the page in many directions  
Incredible Insects   Reading Passage


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