Lesson: Identify nonfiction text features (part 1)

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify and use text features related to nonfiction texts. (table of contents, section headings, photographs, captions)

Lesson Plan

Identify nonfiction text features – part 1 (lesson #2)
1. QQ (5 min.) – Name five features of fiction texts. 
2. Mini lesson – (20+ min.) Creating the notebook takes a bit of time, but is well worth the investment. 
a. Name the teaching point: Good readers use the structure of nonfiction texts to help them comprehend what they have read. Today we will be able to recognize and use four text features: table of contents, section headings or chapter titles, photographs, and captions. 
b. Use the mentor text to think aloud about how you would use these text features.
c.   Using the teacher’s reader’s notebook as a model and the document camera have students copy the word, definition, and illustration for each of the four new text features. 
                              i.   To organize the reader’s notebook use a half page notebook foldable (see text resources) for each text feature.
                             ii.   There are photos of the interactive notebook pages in the lesson files.
3. Students practice the reading strategy – (10 min.)
a. With a partner and a pile of nonfiction books students should search for the four text features and place labeled stickies where they find them. 
b. Pairs complete a “How I used nonfiction features†slip to illustrate each text feature. 
c.   Quick debrief of partner work and share of student findings. 
4. Independent reading time (15 min.)
a. Students select a text from their pile and read independently for 10 minutes continuing to complete nonfiction features slips as they read. (Must complete at least 1)
5. Exit slip (5 min.)
a.  Of the four text features we learned about today, which one do you think is the most useful? Explain your response using examples from your reading today. 
6. Homework (3 min.)
a. Nonfiction independent reading for at least 20 minutes and complete nonfiction IR log. 
1. What went well?
2. What would you change?
3. What needs explanation?
This was so much fun! The students loved learning about the text features and continually commented that they now knew why they were there and that they wouldn’t ignore them in the future. Everyone is looking forward to learning four more text features tomorrow. 
Four features was a great amount of information for the students. It was enough that they feel they learned something substantial, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The responses on the exit slips were all coherent and showed understanding of the taught aim. 
The only change I would make is cutting apart the examples for the interactive notebooks ahead of time. This might have saved about 5-7 minutes during the note taking process and given us more time to read. (See the explanation in the next column for more information on creating the notes.) 
Creating the interactive notebook pages for the four text features was a bit time consuming. However, the students were really engaged, and referenced their notes a lot during the paired and independent practice. 
To create the flip tabs in the notebooks I pre-cut the tab paper, and photocopied all the necessary examples onto one piece of paper. To save time in the future, I would cut the examples apart on the paper cutter, so the kids just needed to glue them in. As it was, we had a bit of cutting to do for each panel.  The gluing doesn’t take much time at all; and as long as the kids use a scant amount it dries almost instantly.    

Lesson Resources

NF text features chart 1 IMG 0095   Notes
NF text features notes 1a IMG 0100   Notes
NF text features notes 1b IMG 0101   Notes
NF text features notes 1c IMG 0102   Notes
Exit Ticket with lines for OEQ s   Assessment
nonfiction reading log   Homework
Quick Questions with lines for OEQ s   Starter / Do Now
How I Used Nonfiction Features   Classwork
Good Readers of Nonfiction...   Notes
notebook directions  
Tundra pdf  


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