Lesson: Subject/Verb Agreement

Susan Fields Epiphany School, Ma Dorchester Center, MA
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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to recall definition of subject, verb, and prepositional phrases and be able to recognize them in sentences. SWBAT identify the verb that agrees with the subject of a sentence.

Lesson Plan


  • See Do Now – S/V Agreement
  • From Do Now, ask students to recall basic definitions: What’s the subject of a sentence? What’s a verb?
  • Example: The eighth graders volunteer every year for Martin Luther King Day. S? V? Prep. Phrase?
  • Now that we have all these skills under our belt, we’re going to learn how to choose the verb that agrees with the subject.  It’s just another way to ensure we’re writing with the best grammar we possibly can, presenting our best selves.


Introduction to New Material:

Students take notes:

  • First, we identify the prepositional phrases and virtually eliminate them from the sentence.  Why? Because the subject can NEVER be in a prepositional phrase.
  • Second, we identify the subject of a sentence.
  • Third, we can choose the verb that agrees with the subject by ear.  Works for a lot of us. 

o       If you want to be doubly sure, identify the subject as singular or plural. If the subject is singular, choose the singular verb.  If the subject is plural, choose the plural verb.


Guided Practice:      

  • “Let’s do a few together.” Teacher goes through the 3 steps with 3 sentences of S/V Exercise 1.
  • Students then go through sentences 4-6.


Independent Practice:

  • Students independently complete S/V Exercise 2.


Further Independent Practice:

  • Students could go through their books or a magazine/newspaper article and pick out 6 sentences.  They write down the sentences with a blank for where the verb belongs and provide 4 choices.
  •  Example:

Altogether, the equipment_____________ over $500.

a) cost
b) had cost
c) costs
d) costed

Lesson Resources

S V Agree Notes Practice  
Subject Verb Agreement Practice 2  


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