Lesson: Prepositions

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT recognize prepositions in a sentence.

Lesson Plan

***At my school, we teach prepositions/prep. phrases BEFORE we thoroughly go into subjects/verbs. The idea being: by eliminating the prep. phrases, you reduce the sentence to its bare bones, which makes it easier to pluck out the subject and verb.

***You may use to administer a preposition diagnostic before starting this lesson. This Pre-Test is attached to the lesson.


You can do the following activity with the entire class, or you can ask one student to do it in the front of the room.  It depends on the space you have.

Ask students to stand up beside their desks.  Then give them a series of directions that involve prepositional phrases, like:

Stand behind your desk.

Stand in front of your desk.

Stand on top of your desk. 

Go underneath your desk.

Then say, “The commands I gave you each contained a preposition.  I’m going to read them all out loud and put my hand up whenever a preposition happens.  At the end, I want to see who can identify the prepositions in the sentences.”


Introduction to New Material:

Students take notes: A preposition is a part of speech that shows location and time.  Give students a picture of a mountain on one side and a clock on the other side.  See if they can generate a list of prepositions together that show direction: above (the mountain), below (the mountain), etc. Then see if they can think of prepositions that show time on the side with the clock: around (6:00), since (6:00), before (6:00).

 Then distribute and practice singing the preposition song. To the tune of BINGO.


Guided Practice:      

Underline prepositions in sentences #1-5.  Go over them.

Independent Practice:

     Underline prepositions in the rest of the sentences.  Go over them.  For homework, students may continue adding prepositions to their mountain/clock picture.


Lesson Resources

Preposition Pre Test  
Preposition Mountain  
Preposition Practice I  
prepostions filling in blank  
Preposition Song  


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