Lesson: Day 1: Building your model home

David Kujawski Bird Middle East Walpole, MA
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Lesson Objective

YWBAT: Follow directions to correctly assemble a model home.

Lesson Plan

Note: There are several lessons like this circulating around the internet.  This is a compilation of each one of those lessons that I have rewritten to better meet the needs of my students and match the resources that I have availability to.  I would like to thanks two websites for inspiring this unit:



Explain to students that they are embarking on a new unit about energy where they are going to learn everything that they need to know by doing science.  Be vague--try not to divulge the purpose of the model home.  Simply state: you are going to construct a model home using paper and the home will be used to learn many important ideas about energy as the unit progresses. 

Model how to make the house in front of the entire class.  Discuss how to refer to each side of the model as long side 1 (door and window), long side 2 (just a window), short side 1 (shorter side on the right), short side 2 (shorter side on the left of house).  This standard way of reporting sides will come in handy as students share their results in class, as everyone will know what short side 1 means and they will all be measuring from the same side.  Don't skip this step!

Follow instuctions (refer to visual guide to building the model home)

Explain rules for cutting windows, door, and skylight.

Windows: One on each side of house 4cm x 4cm

Door: on one of the long sides of house (6cm wide x 11cm tall); make only one!

Skylight: Only one skylight on the roof, but not at the peak (roof line) or along the edges of the roof.  The skylight should be 5cm wide x 6cm tall.

Give students paper and have them create the house and cut the required openings.

Leave about 5 minutes for clean-up. 

Lesson Resources

Visual Guide to Building the Model Home.docx  


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