Lesson: Japan Final Lesson

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to label a map, and use vocabulary about Japan. Some students will be able to make a paper crane.

Lesson Plan


SmartBoard, articles, math worksheet, warm up packet


Warm up :

Complete the word problems that you did not finish on page 8


Teacher Input:

Students will label a map with the information on the screen (Capital, major islands, geograhical information)


Guided practice:

            Students will finish Vocabulary packet.


Independent practice

            Students will create an origami paper crane in 2nd period, taught by a student.


Academic Support:

            Students are to work on assignments for other classes. Those who do not have an assignment are to read a self-selected book. 



On Monday, we will be looking at the rubric for our project. We will also be completing any make up work left. Tuesday through Friday, we will begin our class in the library. You must find me, at the tables, before working to be counted as present. At 15 minutes until the bell, you need to be saving your work and reporting to class. All work must be saved in the folder created under "Student". It is labelled April Shelton. Any assignments that you have completed need to have your name and the teacher’s name on it, and I will place it in their box today.


21st Century Goal:

            Communication and Collaboration


IEP Justification

            Some students have IEP gcoals related to reading comprehension. Learning to use unfamilar vocabulary will help wth reading comprehension. Labelling a map will help students understand what they are reading about. The students are also working towards creating their own presentation. Giving a presentation encompasses many skills, including technology, public speaking, research, organization of research, and citing sources. These are all skills that will help the students to succeed in the general curriculum.

Lesson Resources

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