Lesson: Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty Persuasive Speech

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT summarize the main idea of a persuasive speech; SWBAT analyze author's tone

Lesson Plan

Silent Warm Up (3 minutes)

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are witnessing a persuasive speech. What is happening? What does the speaker sound like? What are they doing? Free write for three minutes about what makes a speech persuasive.  

Pre-Reading: (5 minutes)

Student selected to read introductory paragraphs for Patrick Henry's speech.

After reading, make predictions: what sorts of things do you think Henry is going to say in this speech? What kind of tone do you expect for a speech like this? What do you think he's going to ask for?

Text Reading (25 minutes)

Students read accompanying handout of the speech's text with included stop and jot notes. Stop audio and complete handout throughout text; students may work in groups and discuss these questions.  

Summarize Main Idea (3 minutes)

Individually, students summarize the main idea of Henry's speech upon completion of the last line. 

Focus Question Response (6 minutes)

What was Henry trying to persuade his government to do? Do you think he was successful? Why/why not? Write at least 2 paragraphs about what made this speech successful or unsuccessful. This response will be graded on the written communication rubric. 

Lesson Resources

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Lesson.docx  


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