Lesson: Division: Using Models

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT use a model to solve a division problem

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: DN Worksheet, white board, dry erase markers, Chart Example Division with Model, student white boards (if desired), and IND Worksheet.
Vocabulary: Division, model, groups, inverse, and multiplication
Do Now (3 -5 min): Teacher hands a DN Worksheet to every student and asks the students to complete the worksheet independently.
Opening (2 -3 min): Teacher quickly reviews answers to the Do Now and then says, “Today, we are going to begin learning about division. By the end of this lesson, you will know be able to use a model to solve a division problem.”
Direct Instruction/ Guided Practice (15 min): The teacher has the following definition on a chart/board. A division fact represents sharing equally or forming equal groups. 
The teacher pauses…”So wait, division is about groups? I thought multiplication was about groups? I am confused. OHhhhh, I remember now multiplication and division are inverse operations, or basically related, so it makes sense that they are closely related. We learned that yesterday. So if I can’t remember the multiplication/division fact I can draw a model to solve a division fact, because I know it is only about the number of groups.
Ok, before I do that, I want to review my two options/strategies so far:
I can,
1. Remember the multiplication/division fact
2. Draw a model to solve the division fact.
Ok, I am ready to get started now.” The teacher writes the following problem on the board/chart. 
40 / 5 = ? 5 people share 40 cookies. How many cookies does each person get?
The teacher begins, “To find 40/5, start with 40 dots. Then think: How many 5s are in 40? Make or circle groups of 5 objects each. Then count the groups.  (See Example Chart Division with Model for visual)
The teacher should then model 1 – 2 more problems for the students, before working on the Guided Practice problems together (See Example Chart Division with Model).
Independent Practice (10 min): Each student is given the IND Worksheet and asked to complete it individually and turn it in.  
Closing (2-3 min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to ask what they learned about.

Lesson Resources

IND Division with Model 5   Classwork
Example Chart Division with Model   Exemplar
DN multiply single digit   Starter / Do Now


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