Lesson: Balance Scale Problems: Repeated Addition

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT use repeated addition to solve balance scale problems

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: DN Worksheet, Example Charts, white board, dry erase markers, chart with patterns, and, IND Practice Worksheet.
Vocabulary: balance scale, repeated addition, proportional
Do Now (2 - 3 min): The teacher passes out the DN worksheet with one question about proportional relationships with guess and check strategy.
Opening (2 -3 min): Teacher opens by reviewing the answers to the DN. The teacher then states the objective, “Yesterday we learned how to use guess and check to solve proportional relation problems. Today, we are going to continue focusing on proportional relationships, and I am going to teach you how to use repeated addition to solve a balance scale problem. By the end of the lesson, use repeated addition to solve balance scale problems.”
Direct Instruction/Guided Practice (15 - 20 min): Teacher explains, “Ok, today we are going to solve a problem like the one on this chart (Chart 1). There are 4 steps to solving a problem like this.
First, I have to figure out how much each triangle’s value
Second, I have to figure out how much each circle’s value
Third, I have to draw a model for the new problem
Last, I solve
Now, watch as I walk through this problem.”  Teacher should refer to chart examples to find language and models for explaining the problem.
The teacher then continues, “Ok, now that you have watched me work through one problem, let’s try one together.” Teacher should refer to Chart 3 in the Example Charts document for GP problem.
Independent (10 min): The teacher hands out the IND worksheet, which mimics Guided Practice. Students are asked to complete the worksheet independently and turn it in. 
Closing (2-3 min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to quickly review the answers to the Independent Practice worksheet/ ask what we learned about.

Lesson Resources

IND Lesson 10   Classwork
Example Charts for Balance Scale Problem   Exemplar
DN lesson 10   Starter / Do Now


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