Lesson: Safety poster project

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify safety symbols and their meanings in the lab.

Lesson Plan

Safety poster project


1. Do Now--5/10 min.--"Give one reason that safety is important in the lab."--Students   will begin discussing the importance of safety in the laboratory.


2.  Safety poster creation--40 minutes--Students will receive a rubric outlining the requirements for the creation of a poster depicting one safety symbol/scenario in the laboratory.  Students will have 40 minutes to work in pairs to create the safety poster. It is important to keept the groups small with 2-3 participants.   Larger groups create a situation in which 1-2 students are on task and 1-2 students have free time to engage in unrelated activities.  


3. Exit slip--5/10min.--Students will complete an exit slip in which they give feedback on their experience in the group.  Exit slips are not only a good way of gauging student understanding, but they are also a good way of surveying students about their class/lab experiences. 


What went well--Students worked well in groups.  They discussed ways to represent the lab symbol.  Many groups created depictions of what happens as a result of not abiding by the warnings of the safety symbols.  The activity sparked a lot of student creativity.  Students had an opportunity to be artistics and express themselves in unique ways. 


What I would change--I would use groups of 2-3 students rather than four.  Smaller groups allow each student to participate and make contributions to the ideas and production of the poster. 


Note--This activity can be paired with the lab equipment activity which has been posted.  Large classes can be divided in half and one group of students can complete the safety poster activity while the other group completes the lab equipment activities.  Groups will subsequently switch.  The pairing and switching of these activities also works well with 90 minutes block scheduling. 



Lesson Resources

Safety poster creation and presentation  


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