Lesson: Bulleted Christmas List

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Lesson Objective

1. Create a "grown up" bulleted Christmas list using Microsoft Word. 2. Print a Word document.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we are going to create Christmas lists today.  Play YouTube video of Kelly Clarkson singing, "My Grown Up Christmas List" for inspiration. You can play the video for the whole class at the SmartBoard or let them watch it on their own computer using headphones. Tell them to listen very carefully to the words and what is on the "list".


* A word of caution when playing this video: If you display this on your SmartBoard, be careful of "comments" below the video.  You may want to make it full screen before you put it up for the class to see.






2. Discuss what was on the Christmas list....no more war, everyone would have a friend, etc.  These are things that cannot be bought in a store.  As students create their list, they may only include things on their list that can't be bought. Ask students to share things they might include on their list.


3. Have students open Microsoft Word at their own computer.  At the SmartBoard, guide students through the beginning of the document.


* Using toolbar, set Font to Arial and Font Size to 14.

* Type first and last name.

* Hit ENTER twice after the name.

* Type My Grown Up Christmas List. Highlight and center it using button on the toolbar.

* Hit ENTER twice after the title.

* This part is new: add a bullet.  Show students the button on the toolbar for adding bullets. My toolbar has the numbered list or bulleted list to choose from.  It really doesn't matter which you use!  It's a matter of preference.

4. Explain to students that each time they hit ENTER, they will get a new bullet.  They should only hit ENTER when they are ready to add a new item to their Christmas List.


Below is a YouTube video explaining and showing the project:



5. Allow students time to work.  They should include 5 - 10 items on their list. Monitor students as they work.


6. If students finish their list, they can add clip art to decorate the list. Remind them to format the clip art.


7. Print student work to display or send home.




I think this list is a great exercise in thoughtfulness.  I am always amazed at what great ideas the students have on their lists.  I do encourage them to chat with their classmates as they work on their list.  They can share ideas!


If you wish to use this lesson at a time other than Christmas, it can certainly be adapted.  I used to teach reading.  I would use this as a way to analyze a character from a picture book or novel.  The title would be the character's name. The bulleted list would consist of character traits.  It would still require thought and incorporate the bulleted list in a meaningful way.

Lesson Resources

My Grown Up Christmas List by K. Clarkson
Christmas List Instructional Video


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