Lesson: Lesson 5: American Civics Unit Exam

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Lesson Objective

By the end of the lesson, SWBAT display their knowledge of the Preamble, Bill of Rights, and citizen responsibilities through a written test.

Lesson Plan

Key point: Showing what you know in an assessment form helps me as your teacher to understand what you understand, and what we need to work on more.


Assessment: During this period, Ss will be taking a scaffolded and differentiated assessment that will cover the three main subjects in the unit: the Preamble, Bill of Rights, and Citizen Rights.


Opening (10 minutes): 


·       Teacher will put the following starter on the board: “What are some great strategies to keep in mind when taking a test.” 

·       T will review different test taking strategies such as checking your work, work slowly, rereading questions, eliminating bad answer choices. 

·       T will ask the Ss if they have any final questions on the material before they take the test. 

·       T will answer final questions.


·       Students will sit down at their appropriate seats

·       Students will work through the sponge independently

·       Students will ask any last minute questions before the exam


Introduction of New Material (5 minutes):


·       T will tell the Ss that there are certain expectations that must be followed when taking tests: no restroom breaks, no noise, no cheating, and only clarifying questions – no questions about the actual material.

·       T will go over the directions of the test – asking the Ss if they have any questions on the directions. 


·       Students will pay attention to the T’s test expectations.

·       Students will ask any questions concerning the format of the test.

·       Students will write their name, date, subject, and student number on the top of the exam.


Guided Practice (5 minutes):


·       T will then lead the Ss through the directions of the exam.

·       T will point out that Ss need to write in complete sentences for the short answer questions, and choose only one answer for the multiple choice questions.


·       Students will answer the sample questions on the exam.

·       Students will pay attention to further details regarding the test.


Independent Practice (65 minutes):


·       T will tell the Ss to begin the test.

·       T will monitor the room while the test is being taken

·       T will answer logistical questions about the test.

·       T will explain that after they are done with the exam, Ss may write a story about a world that doesn’t have rights and/or citizen responsibilities.

·       T will also say that some Ss may go to the computers and do some last minute research for their project that was assigned at the start of the unit.


·       Ss will take the test quietly, respectfully, and diligently.

·       Ss will ask questions if they have problems understanding a question. 

Closing (5 minutes):


·       As a closing, T will thank the Ss for working hard on the exam

·       T will tell the Ss that next class the Ss will be starting an amazing new unit.


·       Students will listen to what the next unit will be about.

Homework:  American Civics Project


Materials: Exam, Writing Prompt on chart paper


Teacher’s Reflection:


When I gave this exam my first year teaching this topic, the students did horribly. I quickly realized that they did horribly because I did not review how to properly study for tests and answer questions in complete sentences. I figured this out because if I asked them questions about the subject verbally, they would be able to answer correctly. Therefore, we took a day to talk about studying techniques along with strategies to answer short answer questions well. When they took the test again, they did well.


You’ll find in this lesson, I’ve attached both the exam and the study guides that correspond with the test. 


Lesson Resources

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