Lesson: 3: Poetry

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify and describe similes and metaphors in poetry.

Lesson Plan

(I)         will review the difference between similes and metaphors (from the previous lessons). For example, both similes and metaphors compare two things. Similes use the words “as”, “like” or “than” and metaphors do not. “Kate is like a baby” is a simile, because Kate is being compared to a baby using “like.” “Kate is a baby” is a metaphor because Kate is still being compared to a baby, but without using the word “like.” I will read the poem “My Favorite Day” (poem is provided) from chart paper and underline the similes and circle the metaphors.
(We)         will read “The Pilot” (provided) aloud and identify the similes and metaphors in the poem, and discuss what is being compared.
(You)       will read a poem and identify two similes and two metaphors in the poem and explain their meanings. (Independent Practice is provided.)
Note:  You will need to write the poems on chart paper or copy each of the poems for students before the lesson for (the We section of) the lesson.

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Lesson Resources

"My Favorite Day"   Reading Passage
"The Pilot"  
Direct Teaching Example Chart   Notes
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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