Lesson: 3: Identifying Fact and Opinion Statements in a Book with Textual Features

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to locate and verify facts in nonfiction, and be able to create and identify opinions based on facts from a text.

Lesson Plan

(I)       will explain that today we are going to use some of the resources we have been learning about to identify fact and opinion statements. I will use Time for Kids: Butterflies! to model this, using the first two sentences on the chart. (Example is provided.) I will model how to use chapter names, headings, and skimming for key words to locate facts for proof. I will model how to create opinion statements based on these facts.
(We)       will determine if the remaining sentences on the chart are facts or opinions. We will use textual features from the book to find the facts and to prove that they are true. We will develop an opinion about the book. 
(You)       will use a book where facts can be found and write 4 facts from the book and create 4 opinion statements about the topic. You will trade papers with a partner and identify which statements from your partner’s paper are fact and opinion. You will prove the facts by finding the information in the book and recording the page.

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Lesson Resources

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