Lesson: 1: Identifying Resources for Facts and Opinions

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify and describe facts and opinions in different genres of books (biographies, reference books, self-help books, fiction chapter books, historical fiction books, and mysteries).

Lesson Plan

(I)       will review the definition of fact and opinion and explain that facts or opinions are more likely to show up in certain resources. I will explain that today we are going to review different genres of books and reference materials to see where readers are most likely to find facts and opinions. I will also explain that if readers know where to find facts or opinions, it will help then when they need to locate information to write a report or anything else. I will show students an informational book (teacher’s choice, but not a biography) and model how to read the first few pages to determine if I am finding facts, opinions or both in this type of book. I will explain how I know that these sentences are facts and I will write “informational books” on the “Facts” side of a “Facts, Opinions or Both” chart (or Venn Diagram). (Example is provided.)
(We)       will review several books from the classroom library (fiction chapter books and historical fiction books) and determine if we are reading facts or opinions or both in these books. We will add chapter books to the “Opinion” side of the chart (or Venn Diagram) and historical fiction to the “Both” category. (Example is provided.)
(You)       will examine several books from different types of books (biography, atlas, almanac, self-help, encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, mystery, etc) and determine if you can find facts, opinions or both in these types of books or resources. You will add the type of each of the books to the Venn Diagram. (Independent Practice is provided.)

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Example Chart   Notes
Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Example Venn Diagram  
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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