Lesson: 3: Classifying Information and Developing an Outline without Questions

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to classify and categorize information to answer a research question, and be able to classify and categorize information into an outline form.

Lesson Plan

Direct Teaching
(I)               will model how to create my own research question about a topic in which I am interested. I will think aloud, developing the question, “How do animals become endangered?” I will begin reading Endangered Animals by Rhonda Lucas Donald. While I read, I will model identifying information that answers my research question and use the information to take notes, stopping at page 22. (Example Chart is provided.)
Guided Practice
(We)           will classify and categorize the notes on the chart by creating an outline. (Example Chart is provided.) We will explain how the information is classified and categorized based on topics and details.
Independent Practice
(You)          will create your own research question about a topic in which you are interested. You will choose a book from the library that will answer your research question. You will take notes on the information from the book. You will then classify and categorize the information you found into an outline. (Independent Practice is provided.)
Note:         If your school does not have a library, you will need to provide a wide range of nonfiction books that vary in topic and reading level. Another option is to take the students on a field trip to your local library.

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching Teacher Example Chart   Notes
Guided Practice Teacher Example Chart  
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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