Lesson: 2: Classifying Information and Developing an Outline from Questions

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to classify and categorize information into an outline form.

Lesson Plan

Direct Teaching
(I)               will explain that good researchers classify their information by organizing it into an outline. I will model transferring our notes from Lesson 1 into an outline. (Example Chart is provided.) I will explain how text features such as table of contents and headings help me categorize the information I learned into an outline. The outline provides more structure and organization to the information I have gathered from the text. I can organize the outline using Roman Numerals and then letters to show the relationship between information and how it is related. For example, a new paragraph or topic would start a new Roman Numeral. I will present the class with our next research question, “Why do animals need homes?”
Guided Practice
(We)           will read Animal Homes by Ann O. Squire, stopping at page 16. While we read, we will take notes on why animals need homes and examples of animal homes. (Example Chart is provided.) We will begin to classify and categorize our notes into an outline form.
Independent Practice

(You)    will finish classifying and categorizing our notes to develop an outline. (Independent Practice is provided.)

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching Teacher Example Chart   Notes
Guided Practice Teacher Example Chart  
Guided and Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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