Lesson: 3: Implicit Cause-and-Effect (Nonfiction)

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify implicit cause-and-effect relationships in nonfiction.

Lesson Plan

(I)             will explain that cause-and-effect relationships can also be found in nonfiction and can be used to understand the content of the text. I will begin reading The Planets by Gail Gibbons identifying and charting cause-and-effect relationships in the text, stopping at page 4. I will model my thinking as I identify and/or infer the cause-and-effect relationships. (Example Chart is provided.)
(We)         will continue reading The Planets and charting cause-and-effect relationships in the text stopping before the page about Earth. (Example Chart is provided.)
(You)        You will choose one of the remaining sections from the book and identify two cause-and-effect relationships from the text, labeling each cause and effect. (Independent Practice worksheet is provided.)
Note: You will need to provide students with a copy of the book for the Independent Practice.

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Example Chart   Notes
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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