Lesson: 2: Appositives

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to use appositives to determine the meaning of an unknown word.

Lesson Plan

(I)               will explain that another strategy that is helpful in determining the meaning of new vocabulary words is to read on and look for appositives. An appositive is when the author defines the vocabulary word within the sentence. I will read the section “Bunches of beetles” (pages 45) in The Life Cycle of a Beetle by Bobbie Kalman. I will model how to read on after the bold word species and find the appositive (types) right after the word “species.” I will explain that this is another strategy used by authors to help the reader understand new vocabulary, especially in nonfiction texts and passages.
(We)           will read “What is a life cycle?” (pages 89) and use the strategy of reading on to find the appositive to help us understand new vocabulary words. We will discuss the strategy we used to determine the meaning of each bold word in this section.
(You)          will read “The cycle begins” (pages 1011) and use the strategy of reading on to find the appositive to determine the meaning of the bold words. You will write the meaning of the word and explain how you determined its meaning on the Independent Practice worksheet. (Independent Practice is provided).
Note: You will have to provide students with pages 1011 of The Lifecycle of a Beetle so that they can read the pages and use them with the Independent Practice worksheet.

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Lesson Resources

Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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