Lesson: 1: Nonfiction

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to create questions about a nonfiction topic, and will be able to use nonfiction text features and evidence to answer questions.

Lesson Plan

(I)               will explain that good researchers use nonfiction books to answer questions. I will model identifying questions I have about reptiles (example provided.) I will model how to use the Table of Contents in the book Reptiles by Melissa Stewart to decide where the answers to my questions may be located in the book. I will read pages 5–9 aloud. I will write the answer to my first question on the chart.
(We)           will read the next question and use the Table of Contents to decide where the answer may be in the book. We will continue reading pages 14–39 and chart the answers to the rest of our questions as we read.
(You)          will write five questions you have about an assigned topic. You will read a variety of books on the topic and answer your questions. You will write the title of the book and page number where you found the answer. (Independent Practice is provided.)
Note:    You will need to choose a topic for each student, group of students, or for the class. You will need a variety of books at multiple reading levels for each topic, for students to choose from.

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Example Chart   Notes
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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