Lesson: 2: Fantasy

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the characteristics of fantasy.

Lesson Plan

(I)       will introduce the genre of fantasy books and explain that these stories are highly imaginative, with events that could not take place in the natural world. I will introduce the characteristics of fantasy books by listing them on a chart. (Example is provided.) I will explain that every fantasy book contains some of these characteristics. I will read Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg (stopping at page 8) and identify, discuss, and chart (see example) evidence from the book that shows this is a fantasy book.
(We)      will identify, discuss, and chart evidence from the rest of the book that proves this is a fantasy book. (Example is provided.) We will discuss the differences between fantasy and realistic fiction, referencing lesson 1. 

(You)             choose one fantasy book from the classroom library and identify the characteristics of the book that tell you it is fantasy.

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching Chart   Notes
Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Example Chart  


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