Lesson: 1: Realistic Fiction

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the characteristics of realistic fiction.

Lesson Plan

(I)       will provide a definition of realistic fiction (The events in the story could happen, but did not.). I will chart the definition of realistic fiction and some of the characteristics of the genre. (Example chart provided.) I will tell two stories about our class. The first will be a fantasy story that takes place in the classroom but is about a student flying across the room. The second is a realistic fiction story that takes place in the classroom, but is about an argument between two students. I will discuss how the first story could not have happened; the second story could have happened, but didn’t. Although it is a fiction story, it is realistic.
(We)       will read Allie’s Basketball Dream by Barbara E. Barber and discuss whether the events from the story are realistic. We will stop every 23 pages to discuss whether the events are realistic. For example, a father giving his daughter a basketball as a gift could happen. It is realistic.  
(You)       will choose one realistic fiction book from the classroom library. You will identify the characteristics of the book that tell you it is realistic fiction.

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Lesson Resources

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