Lesson: Thanksgiving Position Paper

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Lesson Objective

I can write an informative/explanatory position paper using evidence from a variety of credible sources.

Lesson Plan


1. Quick Write: What are you favorite parts about Thanksgiving and why? (10ish minutes)

2. While students are writing, put 3 sticky notes on each desk.

3. When time is up, have each student put their full name at the top of the note. Also on each note, students should write one of their favorite parts of Thanksgiving, using complete and detailed sentences. Each student should have three sticky notes filled out (5-10 min).

4. Next, explain what the assignment will be (below). Then instruct the students  to walk around the room and acquire three sticky notes (cannot be their own), each one having a different favorite part (don't pick up two that talk about food).

5. Assessment: Each student will write a position paper that answers the question, "Why is Thanksgiving so awesome?" Essay needs an intro, three reasons with evidence (using their peers as credible sources), and a conclusion.

Lesson Resources

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