Lesson: Microsoft Word 2003 Basics

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Lesson Objective

1. Students will be able to open and close a Word document. 2. Students will be able to edit a Word document. 3. Students will become familiar with toolbars in Word. 4. Students will practice keyboarding technique.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we will learn how to create documents using Microsoft Word today.  Ask students to share orally what they know about the program.  Ask students why they might need to use Word (to type a poem or essay, write a letter, make a poster, etc.)


2. Students will watch the "Getting Started" portion (Slides 1 - 35) of the tutorial, "Introduction to Microsoft Word 2003".  At SmartBoard show students how to get into the tutorial (see below).  Explain that the tutorial is interactive. It will demonstrate a skill and then require the student to practice in order to progress.  Students can work at their own pace.  It takes about 20 minutes for the average student to get through the "Getting Started" segment.  The tutorial link is below: 




Students will need to be guided as they begin.....


  • Click on e-Learning for Kids button (blue).
  • Students should type their first names in the open box.
  • When they get to slide 3, students should select "Getting Started" and begin working.
  • Allow students to work through tutorial.


3. Once everyone has completed the tutorial, have them open Word on their computer.  Ask them to type a sentence (I am learning to use Word.) and save the document to the desktop. They should name the file "Practice". (Skill was practiced in tutorial.)


4. Next, have students open the document from the desktop. Ask them to insert "Microsoft" before Word in the sentence. (Skill was practiced in tutorial.)


5. If time permits, have students practice keyboarding with Air Typer. Remind students to keep their fingers on the home row, feet on the floor, and eyes on the screen!  The link for Air Typer is below:









This lesson works nicely for students of all ability levels because it allows students to work at their own pace.  The Word tutorial has some great resources for the teacher, too. Teachers should look at the glossary and the quick reference guide. These materials could also be shared with students. 


If timing is an issue, you can complete Steps 3, 4, 5 in another lesson.  Third and fourth graders may take more time to complete the tutorial, while fifth and sixth graders who have more experience with Word may finish quicker.  


Another great resource for the computer teacher is the blog, Ask a Tech Teacher.  Below is a link to a post titled "11 MS Word Tricks Every Teacher Should Know".  I love this blog!  I get so many great ideas and tips.  











Lesson Resources

Intro. to Microsoft Word 2003 Tutorial
Air Typer
11 MS Word Tricks


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