Lesson: Internet Safety - Lesson 2

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Lesson Objective

1. Students will understand the importance of not sharing their personal information with strangers.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we will revisit the topic of being safe online.  Discuss with students what items should not be shared with strangers (full name, address, phone number, school name).


2. Using a SmartBoard, post 7 tips from www.thinkuknow.com.  Discuss each of these tips.  If you have a school/classroom website or wikispace, this would be a great link to post for students to share with their parents.  I like the Safety Button (Tip #6) to download.  If possible, download the safety button and show students how to use it.  The seven tips are listed at the address below:




3. Students should view Cartoon #1: Details, Details to reinforce the tips above.  This cartoon can be shown on the SmartBoard to a large group or students may view it individually at their own computer.  The link is below:




4. Discuss personal information mentioned in video (school name, full name). Ask students how the characters were able to chat online without giving out their personal information? (The character used a nickname and left out some personal information. They were still able to chat online safely.)


5. Before class begins, print the coloring book that reinforces this lesson. There are twelve pages to the coloring book.  You may want to print one coloring book for each student or one page for each student in your class.  If you choose to give each student one page to color, collect the pages and assemble the book(s) to keep in the classroom. See link to the right Cartoon 1 Coloring Book. Also, the pdf for the coloring book is below:




6. If you are "musical", finish this lesson with a short song.  Print or post the song sheet and sing with students!






It is difficult to find appropriate materials for students of this age.  I really like the "Hector" series for primary age students.  I have used this with kindergarten through second grade.  I think parts of the lesson could be used with third graders, as well.  


This entire lesson could be done as a whole group or independently in a computer lab.  If in a computer lab, I would still display the 7 tips to the whole group for discussion and let students watch the video independently.


If time is an issue, the coloring book can be taken home and completed as a family activity.



Lesson Resources

7 Safety Tips
Cartoon #1: Details, Details
Song Sheet
Cartoon 1 Coloring Book


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