Lesson: Microsoft Word ~ Lesson 1

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Lesson Objective

1. TSWBAT open Microsoft Word. 2. TSWBAT insert a piece of clip art. 3. TSWBAT format and resize a piece of clip art.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we will use Microsoft Word to print a Christmas picture today. This lesson needs to take place in a computer lab where students have access to an individual computer.


2. Using a SmartBoard, model how to open Microsoft Word. In my lab, students must go to START, MICROSOFT OFFICE, and then MICROSOFT WORD to open the program.   This is guided practice; students should be opening Word at their own computer.  Be sure each student has Word opened before moving to the next step.


3. Have students type their first and last name at the top of the document. You may need to tell students to hold down SHIFT to make a capital letter. Model this at SmartBoard by typing your own name for students to see.


4. Have students press ENTER twice.


5. Using SmartBoard, point to blinking cursor below your name.  Tell students that when we insert our piece of clip art, it will go where the blinking cursor is on the screen.


6. Model how to insert clip art at SmartBoard. Click on INSERT, PICTURE, and CLIP ART.  The clip art menu should open up on the right side of the screen. Have students type a word in the search box (Christmas, winter, Santa, reindeer, etc.).  I would suggest having everyone search for the same topic at this level.  I have my students search for Santa, because a great picture shows up in the clip art at the very top.  Instruct students to click on SEARCH once they type in their word. Students should have pictures opening on the right side of their screen. 


7. Students can scroll through the clip art or select a picture from the first few choices, depending on students' skill level.  


8. Instruct students to click once on a piece of clip art they would like to have in their document.  The clip art should appear in their document.


9. Be sure everyone has a piece of clip art in their document. Instruct students to single click on their clip art.   Now they should click on FORMAT in the tool bar at the top of the screen.  Once they click Format, they should select PICTURE from the drop down menu.  


10. The format box should be open.  Instruct students to select, LAYOUT and then IN FRONT OF TEXT. The final step is to click OK.


11. Now students can easily move and resize the clip art. Demonstrate at SmartBoard, how to resize the clip art.  Tell students clip art should always be resized from a corner and never from the middle buttons.  Resizing from a corner allows the clip art to grow proportionally.  Encourage students to have them fill their page with the piece of clip art when they are resizing.


12. Students should print their pictures.  They can take them home to color!



This lesson can easily be adapted for any time of the year.  I chose a Christmas theme because it is December.  Simply choose another term to use for the clip art search.  It could work for any holiday or theme within your classroom.  Doing a unit on mammals?  Have students search for a mammal in the clip art.  Working on a Valentine's Day project; search for cupid!  


If there is extra time, allow students to access these holiday sites for fun!


Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure:



The North Pole:


Lesson Resources

Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure
The North Pole


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