Lesson: Transformations Unit Assessment

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to draw and define translations, reflections, and rotations in a variety of situations.

Lesson Plan




Have students get out their graphic organizers from yesterday's review. Go over the terms, ask the students for definitions, review the processes for performing translations, reflections, and rotations.




What Worked


On the last page of the quiz, I made a table. On the left side I put 'You know' statements. After I graded, I filled in the right side of the table with a smiley face if they knew what to do and if they didn't, I wrote specific comments of where they went wrong. I think this is helpful for students to see if they just made a small error or if they didn't understand the entire concept. It also helps for remediation because the student knows exactly what to correct or practice and I know exactly what to reassess.


What Didn't Work


On question 5, when I printed the test out, you couldn't see the small gray markings on the circle. So when students got the test, answer choices b, c, and d looked exactly the same.  To fix this, I suggest tracing the markings with a pen before making the copies. Also, on the very last question, I wanted students to explain their process and many tried to fill in the blanks that I gave them. On that same question, a lot of students drew the polygon but didn't translate it anywhere. I'm not sure what happened on this question but I would suggest going through and explaining the directions thoroughly for that question.




Lesson Resources

Transformations Unit Assessment   Assessment
Unit Assessment Answer Key   Assessment


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