Lesson: Transformations Unit Review

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to define and explain the vocabulary terms from this unit.

Lesson Plan




Have students get their packets from the previous activity Transformation Stations (or pass them back if you collected them). I have a document camera so that I can project students' worksheets on my screen. Whatever your method, we want to review the correct answers and the strategies for getting them. Also, work out the problems that students did not understand.


Guided Practice


This entire review is basically guided practice. The students have been working with and using these terms throughout the unit and now we want to define them. It seems to be more effective to formally define vocabulary terms after students are familiar with working with them, as opposed to introducing the definition first and expecting students to memorize them. Your main role here is to help the students define the terms in their own words while incorporating all of the necessary parts of the definition. Make sure you are asking questions and getting input from as many students as possible and not the same people over and over.




What Worked


The students really liked having everything together on one paper to study. They also liked putting things in their own words and creating definitions that were easy to understand and remember.


What Didn't Work


We did this the day before the test and I don't think students had enough time for it all to really sink in. I think it might be better to do this before Transformation Stations to give students more time and experience using the words in context.

Lesson Resources

Transformations Review Graphic Organizer   Review


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