Lesson: Add Text Boxes

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Lesson Objective

1. Create Word document with WordArt, Clip Art, and Text Boxes.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we will continue our work with Microsoft Word.  Have students open the program at their desktop in a computer lab.


2. I made a YouTube video outlining the project for students to view.  If your school allows YouTube access, have students view the video online at their own computer.  If the teacher has access, it can be shown using a projector and SmartBoard.  




3. After students have watched the video, go through the project step by step with directions on the SmartBoard.  See link:  Thanksgiving Text Boxes at right.


4. Students should type their name.


5. Have students type "Thanksgiving" for a title using WordArt.  Instruct them to click on Insert, Picture, and WordArt.  They should select their template and type "Thanksgiving". Remind students to format the WordArt by right clicking on the WordArt.  They should click on Format WordArt, Layout, and In Front of Text.  Once they click OK, they will be able to move the title around freely.


6. Next, students should insert 2 pieces of clip art.  Remind students to click on Insert, Picture, and Clip Art.  They should see the menu pop up at the right.  Have students search for "Thanksgiving".  Stress the importance of spelling the words correctly when searching or no results will be given.  Have students insert 2 pieces of clip art from the search results.


7. Students should format the clip art by double clicking on the clip art. After double clicking, they should click on Format Picture, Layout, and In Front of Text.  After they click OK, they can move the pictures with ease.


8. Adding text boxes is a new concept.  Model at SmartBoard for students before they actually do this themselves.  Students should click on Insert and Text Box.  A large drawing canvas may appear.....instruct students to draw their text box OUTSIDE of the canvas.  


9. After modeling, instruct students to draw a text box under each picture.  They should type a complete sentence under each picture that describes some aspect of Thanksgiving.


10. If students have access to a printer, allow students to print their document.




My YouTube video is done on a Mac.  I use the video when I work in the Mac or PC Lab. The screens look a little different, but the commands are the same.  


This activity could easily be adapted to fit in with any season or holiday.  Just change the title and search topic to suit another time of year.


If your school has YouTube completely blocked, you may want to gently address this issue.  There are so many great things to share on YouTube.  My elementary students do not have access, but I do have full access at my teacher computer in the classroom. This way I can share the videos I make with students via my projector and SmartBoard.

Lesson Resources

Thanksgiving Text Boxes  


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