Lesson: Character Feelings Part II

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Lesson Objective

AIMS for the class (on the board before class starts): SWBAT describe the way a character feels in a given situation.

Lesson Plan

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Achievement First Lesson Planning Template (2-pager)          


Teacher:  Strattner


Subject: Reading Comp

Class:  Louisville

AIMS for the class (on the board before class starts):


SWBAT describe the way a character feels in a given situation.


EXIT SLIP / Assessment of FIRM MASTERY of the Aims:



AGENDA with times for each item (on board before class starts):

Intro: 2 min

I: 8 min

We: 10 min

You: 5 min




I/We: Knuffle Bunny

You: It’s Actually My Party  


1) Quick Questions / Do Now (Cumulative Review and Geared for Quick Success) 3-5 minutes 

1) Who can remember what we learned about yesterday? (we learned about character feelings)

2) Students go over the AIMS and AGENDA for the class (on the board) 30 seconds to 1 minute

3) Mini-Lesson / Modeling (“I” or “I/We”) 5-15 minutes


  • Scholars, yesterday we started talking about character feelings. Remember, character feelings are the way a character feels in a certain situation. Yesterday we read the book When Sophie Feels Angry- Really, Really Angry
  • Today we are going to spend more time thinking about the different ways characters feel.
  • Who can remember the way Trixie felt yesterday when she realized she had lost Knuffle Bunny? (SW raise hands to provide answer: Trixie felt sad, upset etc. when she realized she had lost KB)



Key Vocabulary 0-5 minutes, interwoven













4) Guided Practice (“We”) 5-20 minutes


  • Scholars, let’s look at this page (turn to page where Trixie has angry face). Do we think this is the same feeling or different feeling? (SW vote)
  • TW select 1-2 scholars to share out (No, she feels differently here. She feels angry, etc.)  
  • Why does Trixie feel angry or frustrated here?
  • SW TPS and TW select 2-3 scholars to share out. (Trixie feels angry/frustrated because her dad is not understanding what she is saying.)
  • Exactly, Trixie goes from feeling sad to feeling frustrated because she is trying to communicate a message to her dad and he’s not understanding her. She is probably worried that she won’t get Knuffle Bunny back.
  • TW read several applicable pages of Its Actually My Party
  • Scholars, now you are going to go back to your desks and draw a picture of the way you think Charlie feels right now, after Lola has opened his birthday cards, presents and blown out his own birthday candles.

Key questions to check for understanding during GP: (Level 1 and Level 2)











5) Way to Check for Understanding before Independent Practice 1-3 minutes (proceed only if class masters)

Who can remind the class what we are looking for today? (the way Charlie feels after Lola has done all of these things to ruin his birthday.  

6) Independent (or pair / small group) Practice (“You”):

15-25 minutes


  • SW return to their desks and draw a picture of Charlie and the way he feels when Lola has done all of these things to ruin his birthday.
  • TW circulate and SW explain what they drew/the feeling to T.



7) Cumulative Review


T should ask Ss to identify how characters are feeling in various books (read-alouds, guided reading etc.)

8) Homework


Photocopy a page or two from a book that depicts a character feeling. Have scholars write what the character feeling is and how they know.


9) Exit Slip / Final Assessment of FIRM MASTERY of the Aim:  1-5 minutes

SW ID character feelings from It’s My Party   

Lesson Reflection

What went well?


Scholars were successful because they knew character feeling words from other books, lessons and spent previous day working on this skill. Good to use KB again to build and always emphasize that character feelings do not stay consistent throughout the book.

What would you change?


Depending upon where your class is maybe take time to brainstorm character words together.

What needs explanation?


Emphasize importance of explaining how you know a character is feeling that way by having scholars using picture and text clues. 




Lesson Resources

Character Feelings 2 LP 8   Lesson Plan


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