Lesson: Identify Characters in a Text

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Lesson Objective

AIMS for the class (on the board before class starts): SWBAT identify characters in a story.

Lesson Plan

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  Achievement First Lesson Planning Template (2-pager)      



Teacher:  Strattner


Subject: Reading Comp

Class:  Louisville

AIMS for the class (on the board before class starts):


SWBAT identify characters in a story.


EXIT SLIP / Assessment of FIRM MASTERY of the Aims:


Completed exit slip (sheet of paper with pictures of the characters from KB and also non-characters. SW circle the characters. )

AGENDA with times for each item (on board before class starts):


Intro: 2 min

I: 8 min

We: 10 min

You: 5 min




Chrysanthemum: I

Little Smudge: We

Knuffle Bunny: You

1) Quick Questions / Do Now (Cumulative Review and Geared for Quick Success) 3-5 minutes 

1)  Who can remind the class what a character is? (SW raise hands to provide answer: a character is a person, animal or thing that the story is about.)


2) Students go over the AIMS and AGENDA for the class (on the board) 30 seconds to 1 minute 

3) Mini-Lesson / Modeling (“I” or “I/We”) 5-15 minutes


·      TW ask Ss to TPS about what a character is.

·      TW explain that we will be spending another day on identifying characters in a story.

·      TW talk through the book Chrysanthemum and identify the characters in the story.

·      TW explain how she knows they are characters.

·      TW give non-examples as well.

Key Vocabulary 0-5 minutes, interwoven













4) Guided Practice (“We”) 5-20 minutes 


·      SW talk about Little Smudge through TPS and TW record a list of the characters in Little Smudge.

·      TW feign ignorance by saying that they can’t be characters because they are just shapes.

·      SW explain how they know they are characters.


Key questions to check for understanding during GP: (Level 1 and Level 2)


1.     Why is _________ a character? How do you know? (Prove it!)









5) Way to Check for Understanding before Independent Practice 1-3 minutes (proceed only if class masters) 

TW state that only animals or people can be characters. Is that true? SW raise hands to respond: No, a thing can be a character too- just like in Little Smudge.

6) Independent (or pair / small group) Practice (“You”): 

15-25 minutes

·      TW read Knuffle Bunny (or do a quick picture walk)

·      SW identify and circle the characters from Knuffle Bunny.


7) Cumulative Review

T should ask Ss to identify characters/non-characters in R.A. constantly! 

8) Homework


Have scholars walk through a favorite read-aloud or book from home. Have scholars post-it all of the characters. .


9) Exit Slip / Final Assessment of FIRM MASTERY of the Aim:  1-5 minutes

SW ID characters from Knuffle Bunny.  

Lesson Reflection 

What went well?


Scholars were successful because they had spent 2 days learning about characters vs. non-characters.



What would you change?


I personally underestimated how challenging this could be. Scholars consistently missed all of the characters- could only name 1 or 2.   

What needs explanation?


Emphasize importance of finding ALL of the characters in a text and being able to expand why they ALL are characters.  




Lesson Resources

Identify Characters in a Text LP 3   Activity


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