Lesson: States of Matter Slushies

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Lesson Objective

Students will observe the changing of states through rapid melting and rapid freezing.

Lesson Plan


  • Fill up small ziploc bags with Hawaiian Punch (1 per student)
  • Have 2 bags of ice (for a class of 20)
  • Have freezer/gallon ziploc bags for each student
  • You will need 1-2 boxes of rocksalt for the whole class.
  • “Bendy” Straws for each student
  • Set up stations at different tables. One for the small juice bags, one with the gallon ziplocs, one for the ice (teacher run), and one for the rock salt.
  • This activity is best done outside.



  • Tell the students that today we will be turning one state of matter into another state of matter.
  • You will start with a small bag of juice.
  • Ask: what state of matter is it?                  Liquid
  • Walk to each station and explain the steps:
  • Students will start by picking up their small juice bag. They should make sure that it is tightly closed.
  • Then they should put the little bag into the freezer bag.
  • They should hold it open while you put ~2 cups of ice into the freezer bag.
  • Last, they should put a small handful of rocksalt into their freezer bag, zip the top closed tight, and start shaking.
  • Call on students to repeat the steps, before the experiment begins.



  • Excuse a few students at a time to start the activity at the small juice bag station.
  • The teacher should be at the ice station. * I usually put in 1-2 large handfuls of ice in each freezer bag. Make sure you have enough for each student.
  • Students should shake vigorously for several minutes.
  • * The juice in the small bag will turn into a slushie consistency.
  • After the drinks have started to solidify, tell the students that they can take out the small bag, slide in their straw and enjoy!



  • Tell students that they just witnessed ice rapidly melt into a liquid, and the juice rapidly cooled into an “almost” solid.
  • Usually this melting and freezing happens very slowly.
  • Ask: Where does this usually happen?       In the freezer.
  • Tomorrow we will learn about all of the different ways solids, liquids, and gases can change states from one to the other.



Any lesson with food or something sweet is always an instant hit with my students! :)  This activity makes a a seemingly invisible process (freezing to a solid) and speeds it up in front of students eyes, so they can observe the transform from one state into the other. The freezer doesn't "magically" turn liquids into solids, it's a process that takes place when temperature drops.

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