Lesson: Week of March 19

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Lesson Objective

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Lesson Plan

Reading Lesson plans – Ronni Stefano

March 19



Work in a cooperative group,  Discuss and locate information in the text.  Read independently on-level text.

Vocabulary: jiggeh, potter, scrawny, rubbish, dilemma, guilty, perspective

Guiding Questions:  Answer yes, no, or I don’t know to the following questions:

  • Korea is a city in Japan.
  • I would work for free IF I could learn to do something new.
  • Only people who are related to you can be part of your family.
  • Being a potter is an exciting profession.
  • People are afraid of the things that they do not know.
  • Hard work is easier when it is something you enjoy.
  • You should keep a promise no matter what.


Direct Teach: 

Scholars review first three chapters with teacher answering comprehension questions together, with a partner and individually.  Chapter one questions will be jig sawed between 7 small groups. Groups present to the class.

Guided Practice

Discuss the dilemma in chapter one.  Tree-ear does not know if he should tell the farmer about the rice that is falling or if he should collect it after the farmer has walked away.  Discuss a situation in your own life when you have faced a difficult situation.  What were the thoughts that you were “wrestling” with?  What did you decide to do?  Do you think you made the right choice?

Independent Work :  Complete the character analysis on the main character, Tree-ear. Write a summary of chapter one in journal.

Exit Ticket/Closure:  See independent work.


Reading Lesson Plans – Ronni Stefano

March 20

Phase one L.E.A.P.


Reading Lesson Plans – Ronni Stefano

March 21


Objective(s) SWBAT: 

  • Read independently
  • Find details in the text
  • Locate information in the text
  • Think critically
  • Use reading and test taking skills

First hour of class scholars will be completing one reading passage.  Second hour of class we will be checking and thinking through and proving answers. 


Reading Lesson Plans – Ronni Stefano

March 22


Objective(s) SWBAT:  Recite poetry, identify author’s purpose, read independently .

Group one:  I Station    Group Two:  Poetry    Group Four: Author’s purpose   Group Four:  Identify details in text  Group Five:  Kick back and read


Reading Lesson plans – Ronni Stefano

March 23

Reading Assessment:  Chapter 1-3 “A Single Shard” and poetry passage.


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