Lesson: Week of Jan. 30

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Lesson Objective

Scholars will be able to apply summarizing, inferencing, finding details and reading test taking strategies.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan:  Ronni Stefano

4th Grade Reading/Social Studies


Jan 30


  • Summarize a text.
  • Explain what elements to include in a summary of a narrative text.
  • Give at least two strategies to use when reading a narrative text to increase understanding of the text.
  • Learn about the people from the South.

Do Now: 

SRA Finding details.

Direct Instruction (I DO):

The teacher asks the students to recall what a narrative text is. Teacher will guide scholars to recalling that narrative texts have characters, a setting, a plot, a theme, a conflict and a resolution. The teacher should write down the different elements on the chart paper. The teacher tells that class that knowing the different parts of a narrative makes it easier to summarize the text.  As we read our novel today,  you will be listening for  the “Who?”, “Did what?”, “When?”, “Where?”, and “Why?” of the chapter. Summarizing is a reading strategy that helps us understand literature.

Guided Practice (WE DO):

At the end of chapter 12, teacher and scholar’s write a summary together referring to the summarizing guide sheet (a sheet with spaces for title, author, characters, setting, plot, and theme). The teacher will tell the scholars that when they read chapter 13 with their reading buddy, they will look for and discuss these elements and write them on their graphic organizer.

Independent Practice:

Everyone reads chapter 11 with their reading buddy and summarizes the chapter.  As groups finish, they are instructed to read silently at their desks.

Group One:  Ms. Stefano

Group Two:  Mr. Micken’s

Group Three: Read “People of the South” from the Social Studies book.  Complete the “think” page.

Group Four:  Social studies vocabulary:  Write the word, the sentence it is in, the definition and if time permits, a picture.

Vocabulary:  export, civil rights, boycott,

Exit Ticket/Closure

Read Short story and fill out summary graphic organizer.





















Lesson Plan:  Ronni Stefano 

4th Grade Reading/Social Studies


January 31st


  • Make inferences from the text.
  • Learn about the people of the South.

Do Now (5-7 minutes): 

SRA summarizing

Direct Instruction (I DO): 

The teacher tells the class that another technique that they will be working on is to inference. The teacher asks the class if they remember what it is to inference. The teacher reminds scholars that inferencing is the “process of judging, concluding, or reasoning from some given information”. The teacher hands out the inferencing guide sheet. The teacher goes over the strategy of using inferencing to understand text by looking for clue in the book, thinking about what they know about the topic, and using the clues and what they know to figure out what the author means. The teacher gives the class the example that if the teacher read

“Samantha was very excited. She was running as fast as she could. As she reached the finish line, her whole face glowed with her smile.”

Ask scholars what they think is happening. The teacher listens to student responses. The teacher asks the students why they knew that Samantha won the race. Teacher tells the class that this is inferencing and that they will use inferencing in this text not only to understand what is happening in the story, but also to make predictions. The teacher tells the students that they will work on this technique while reading the novel.

Guided Practice (WE DO):    

Post these questions on the promethean board.  Explain that these questions are not written in the text.  We will have to figure out the answers from clues in the story:

1)      Now that the students are going home, how do you think they’ll behave with not being able to talk to their families?

2)      What are some possible hindrances to the family relationship because of the no talking rule?

3)      How many students can you predict will crack under the pressure?

Independent Practice (YOU DO):

 Group One: Ms. Stefano – Guided reading

Group Two: Mr. Micken’s – Guided reading

Group Three: People of the South – read and complete think page.

Group Four: Vocabulary work - Write the word, the sentence it is in, the definition and if time permits, a picture.

Exit Ticket/Closure:

Read paragraph.  Answer inference questions.









Lesson Plan:  Ronni Stefano 

4th Grade Reading

GLE(s):  ELA‑1‑E4,  ELA‑1‑E5,  ELA‑1‑E7,  ELA‑7‑E1,  ELA‑7‑E4

Feb. 1


  • Read independently with grade appropriate text.
  • Understand and apply reading test taking skills


Do Now (5-7 minutes): 

Review previous reading test.

Direct Instruction (I DO): 

Teacher models skills in reading and test taking.

Scholars will be using a passage about Martin Luther King

Guided Practice (WE DO):    

Teacher models skills in reading and test taking.


Independent Practice:

Group One:  Ms. Stefano – Guided Reading

Group Two:  Mr. Micken’s – Guided Reading

Group Three:  Read pages 150-151 in social studies book.  Complete the compare and contrast graphic organizer on the lives of plantation owners and African in the South.

Group Four:  Vocabulary work:

Exit ticket:  Write down the three most important reading test taking skills and why they are important.



Lesson Plans:  Ronni Stefano 

4th Grade Reading

Feb. 2

Scholars are in the library working on library skills, literature groups, paired reading.

Group One:  Get book and silent reading at table.

Group Two:  I Station Reading

Group Three: Scholars will read pages 152-153 in their social studies book.

Group Four:  Buddy reading poetry in laid back library section.




Lesson Plans:  Ronni Stefano  4th Grade Reading     Feb. 3

Scholars are tested on two reading passages for comprehension and strategies.  Passages this week will include a letter, a poem and a short story (Fable).  Scholars will be tracked in reading until the LEAP test every Friday.


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