Lesson: Main Idea (fiction), Lesson 25

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify the elements of fiction (problem, solution, character, and setting); SWBAT select and justify the most important event in a book; SWBAT identify the theme of a work as what the author is trying to tell the reader.

Lesson Plan

Edward W. Brooke Charter School

Problems in Fiction Unit


Mini-Lesson: When readers pick a most important event, they explain justify their choice.



  • Book Baggies with leveled fiction books
  • Familiar Read Aloud 1 (suggested: Chester's Way)
  • Familiar Read Aloud 2 (suggested: Goggles)



Connection: Yesterday readers you learned that sometimes the most important event in a book can be when the problem gets much better.   Today, we will pick the most important event in our stories and explain why it is important using the word “because.”



Teaching Point:  Every fiction book has a problem that needs to be solved.  The main character tries many different things to try and solve the problem.  The most important part of the story is when the character finally solves the problem.  It’s important for every reader to explain how that one event solved the problem.  We show that we understand how the problem got solved by using the word ‘because’ in our explanations.  Listen now as I prove to you that I understand how the most important part solved the problem by using the word ‘because.’ First I’m going to say the important part that solved the problem.  Then I’m going to explain why it solved the problem using the word ‘because.’

  • Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes

Lilly scares away some older boys that were threateningChester&Wilsonand they found things they all liked.

This solved the problem BECAUSE Chester &Wilson thought Lilly was weird at the beginning of the book and they didn’t want to be her friends.

  • Goggles! by Ezra Jack Keats

Peter and Archie tricked the three bullies into thinking they ran in a different direction.  This solved the problemBECAUSE the bullies couldn’t take away their goggles. 


Did you notice how I said the most important part of the story?

Did you notice how I used the word ‘because’ when I explained how that important part solved the problem?



Active Engagement:  In a moment you are going to talk and talk to your partner. Remember to say character names and use the word ‘because’ to explain your thinking. What’s the most important part in (read aloud of choice) and how does that solve the problem?   



Link: Today your job as a reader is to find the most important part of your book that solves the problem.  When we come back to the rug for our share we’ll be asking each other to explain how that part solved the problem using the word ‘because.’



Share:  Who found the most important part of there book and can explain how that part solved the problem by using the word ‘because’?

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