Lesson: Main Idea (fiction), Lesson 6

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify the elements of fiction (problem, solution, character, and setting); SWBAT select and justify the most important event in a book; SWBAT identify the theme of a work as what the author is trying to tell the reader.

Lesson Plan

Edward W. Brooke Charter School

Problems in Fiction Unit


Mini-Lesson: Readers notice when a problem is introduced.  They can mark this with a post-it.



  • Book Baggies with leveled fiction books
  • Familiar Big Book or Read Aloud
  • Post-Its



Connection: In our last lesson, you learned that you can predict the problem at the beginning of a book.  Today, you will learn how to locate and mark that problem with a post-it note as soon as it is introduced.



Teach:  Readers often use post-it notes as a tool to locate evidence and record their thinking. Post-it notes are not toys, they are important tools. They are sticky on the back, so you have to make sure that you think carefully about where it goes before you stick it down. Once it’s down, it should stay there unless you change your mind about where it should go. You should also take it out before you return it to the library.  Read aloud. Watch how I use my sticky note to locate and write down the problem in the book.  Did you notice how I thought carefully about where to put it? Did you notice how I wrote a quick note to remind myself what the problem was? Did you notice how this helped me remember the problem as I described it to you?



Active Engagement:  Use a big book. Have one capable student locate and write down the problem on a post-it note.



Link: Today, you are going to use the post-it note on your desk to write down and locate the problem in your book.  You may need to go back in your book to find where the problem first occurred. When we come back to the rug, everyone is going to share the problem in their book and show how they located it with a post-it note.



Share: Have a student share the problem in their book and show how they located it with a post-it note.

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