Lesson: Measuring Volume of Rectangular Solids

David Kujawski Bird Middle East Walpole, MA
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Lesson Objective

YWBAT: 1) Measure the length, width and height of a rectangular object to calculate its volume. 2.) Define volume

Lesson Plan

DO NOW: Use your ruler to measure the lines on (DO NOW worksheet 1)  Review with class.


Next: Ask students what they know about volume and address any pre-/misconceptions.


Define volume on board: "Volume is a measure of how much space an object takes up."


State: Todays class will focus on utilizing our ability to measure length and multiply to calculate the volume of a rectangular soild.  Draw a cubic rectangle on the board.  Address the difference between area and volume.  Area=the measurement of one side.  Volume=the measurement of the object in 3 dimensions. 


Model example: Draw a rectangle on the board and label the length (5cm), width (2cm) and height (1cm).  Explain that the formula used to calculate cubic volume is L x W x H.  Do the example on the board and discuss aloud the steps that you're taking to calculate the volume.  Answer: 10cm cubed.


Next: Students should complete (Classwork worksheet 1) with partner.  Review with class.


Wrap-up: Ask students to define volume on a piece of paper and do an example to demonstrate their ability to calculate the volume of a rectangular object.  Collect.  (Wrap-up worksheet 1)


Homework: (Homework worksheet 1)



Lesson Resources

Classwork worksheet 1  


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