Lesson: Example Guided Reading Lesson Plan

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Lesson Objective

Purpose is to guide a small group in two specific strategies.

Lesson Plan

Book Title


Group Reading Level


Billy Get’s Lost




Phonics Skill


Comprehension Skill

Retelling (including names)

Pre -reading

Activate Background Knowledge

Remember yesterday we talked about retelling and how we need to order our events in the same order they happen in the book? Today we are going to learn about a new skill to use when retelling.


Picture Walk and New Vocabulary

Have students go back and forth narrating the picture walk.


P. 5 Here we see a pretty big word (forest) if we try to take it on all at once it won’t be easy, let’s practice our chunking on this word. Looking at this word I see three letters that make a sound I know so I’m going to cover up est and just leave “for” I know that that says for, now I’m going to cover that up and look at the second chunk, that says “est”, put them together for-est, forest. Have each student try chunking forest. If you come up on a word like forest that is tough I want you to think about chunking today ok?

Teacher Model/Think Aloud

Why do we retell? (take answers) Right, we retell to go over the book in our head and think about what happened and also to share with our friends. One skill we should use when retelling is including the names of people, settings, and items (chair, desk, bone, etc.) when retelling to make our retells have more detail and be more fun.


Listen to me retell a book I read yesterday, there was this woman and she was with all these kids, and then she didn’t show up the next day, this new lady was there and she was really mean, all the kids didn’t like her, they tried to find the missing lady and they couldn’t find her. Next the nice lady came back and all the students were happy.


You may know what book I’m talking about but it could be a lot of books and you also probably didn’t have too much fun listening to it, let me try again and add some names in: I read this book about a teacher Ms. Nelson, she was a teacher of second graders in room 207, but all the students throw spitballs and paper airplanes and didn’t do their schoolwork. The next day Ms. Nelson was absent and in came Ms. Swamp who yelled at the students and never did anything nice or fun. The students looked for Ms. Nelson but couldn’t find her, she finally came back and all the students were so happy to see her again and be rid of Ms. Swamp.


See how when I added names of the characters and things (spitballs, second graders, etc.) it made the story more interesting and you got a better picture of the book in your head.


So when you read today I want you to pay attention to the names of our characters and settings so that when you retell you can include all the names from the book. This is going to make your retell have more detail and be more interesting.











After Reading

Discussion Questions

Now think of each event and go over the vocab for each event you read. (write down vocab or verbally say a list of vocab if students are struggling: Emmy, Ball, Billy, Cat, Forest, Farm, Cow, Fox, Barn, Owl, Blue Roof, Big House, etc.)

Related Activities

Check for vocab in book reports on homework and during partner reading.

During partner reading have students write down vocab from a read book.

During a future read aloud list out important vocab and have students use it in a retell.

Lesson Resources

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