Lesson: Fact and Opinion

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to label statements as either facts or opinions.

Lesson Plan

Connection (3-5 mins): Students should be seated on the carpet with a partner. They will be expected to turn and talk to this partner throughout the lesson. Readers, over the past few days you all did an excellent job understanding the different ways authors organize informational texts. As we move forward in our informational text unit, I want you to continue to notice those organizational strategies. Today, we will begin a new focus. We will begin talking about fact and opinion.


Teach/Active Engagement (10-12 mins): A fact is something that is true and can be proven or tested. An opinion is what someone believes. It cannot be measured or proven. For example, it is a fact that there are 436 students in this school. However, it is my opinion that we have too many students in the school. I can actually go around and count each student to prove that there are 436 students in the school, making that statement a fact. My opinion about the school population can’t be proven and someone else might disagree with me. Maybe our principal thinks we need more students in the school. Today, we will practice with fact and opinion in sentences. Tomorrow, we will use what we have learned today in sentences to determine fact and opinion in an informational article. Teacher unveils chart with five sentences (listed below). Watch me as I try to determine the difference between the facts and opinions in these sentences.


1. We had a great time at the basket ball game yesterday.

2. Snakes are reptiles.

3. Earth is the third closest planet to the sun in our solar system.

4. Basketball is the best sport to watch.

5. Seventy-five percent of the Earth is covered in water.


Teacher reads aloud the first sentence. I know this sentence must be an opinion. I don’t think I can prove that everyone had a great time at the basketball game. Maybe some people didn’t enjoy the game at all or had a terrible time at the game. This statement is about how someone feels and we can’t measure or prove our feelings. I know this must be an opinion. Did you notice how I first read the sentence, then thought about the definition of the two new terms before deciding if the sentence was a fact or an opinion. I will label that sentence an opinion.


I will try again with the second sentence. Teacher reads aloud second sentence. Snakes are reptiles. I know that snakes are reptiles and if I didn’t know that I think I could check in the dictionary or encyclopedia to make sure that fact was true. I also know I can prove that an animal is a reptile if I did all the research. This must be a fact. I will write fact by that sentence.


Now you try. Teacher reads aloud the third sentence. Turn and tell your partner if you think this is a fact or an opinion and make sure to explain why you feel this way. Students turn and talk. Teacher has students share out responses and encourages students to explain why they feel the sentence is a fact or an opinion. Good job readers! I will write that this sentence is a fact on the paper. I know this is a fact because I can do research to prove the statement, it is not what someone feels or thinks.


Teacher reads aloud the fourth sentence. Thumbs up if you think this is a fact and thumbs down if you think it is an opinion. Teacher reviews student responses and talks through any misconceptions. I will label that sentence an opinion because you were all right, not everyone thinks basketball is the best sport. That is how someone feels therefore it is an opinion.


I think we are all ready to try on our own because we did such a great job with that activity.


Independent Reading (15-20 mins): Students return to their seats. Today, while you are working I want you to label the facts and opinions. Once you complete the worksheet you may read independently in your “just right’ texts. Try to notice any facts and opinions in your own reading as well. Students should complete the fact and opinion worksheet, which requires them to label each sentence as either a fact or an opinion.


Exit Slip/Share (3-5 mins): I use the worksheet as an exit slip for this lesson. I can quickly sort through the worksheets to determine which students need more help with the skill and those that have mastered the concept.


Reflection: Fact and opinion is a fairly simple skill that students should be familiar with. I like to begin with this introductory lesson which only focuses on sentences rather than an entire article to ensure all students have a strong foundation before moving forward with the concept.

Lesson Resources

Fact and Opinion Worksheet   Activity


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