Lesson: Create a Table

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Lesson Objective

1. Create table in Microsoft Word. 2. Insert and format WordArt. 3. Insert and format Clip Art. 4. Page Setup: Landscape.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we will learn a new skill today in Microsoft Word, add a table. Instruct students to open Microsoft Word.  Have students click on....File.....Page Setup...then select <LANDSCAPE>. Students should type their first and last name at the top of the document.  Students should hit <ENTER> five or six times after their name.  Show students a sample of what they will create today.  See file, Thanksgiving Table.  You can hold up a paper copy or display it at the SmartBoard.


2. Tell students we will be using WordArt in the document we create today. Instruct students using a SmartBoard/projector.  Have them select....Insert ~ Picture ~ WordArt from the toolbar at the top.  


3. Allow students to select a template from the WordArt menu.  They should choose a template that is horizontal for today's document and click <OK>.


4. When the text box opens up, have students type "Thanksgiving" in the box. They can select the font of their choice; the size shouldn't be larger than 40. Be sure students select a font they can read! Students should click <OK>.


5. When the WordArt goes into the document, instruct students to right mouse click the WordArt.  They should select <Format WordArt> from the menu. Next select <Layout> and <In Front of Text>.  Finally, have them click <OK>.  This will allow for the WordArt to be moved around and resized easily.  Keep the WordArt at the top of the page; it is the title.


6. Model how to insert a table into a Word document using SmartBoard/projector.  Instruct students to click on..... Table.....Insert.....Table. They should make 2 columns and 2 rows when prompted by the pop up box.  Once the table goes into the document, show students how to move the table with the button on the top, left side of the table.  They may need to pull the table under the WordArt.


7. Show students how to grab the bottom of the table and stretch it to the bottom of the page.  This creates uneven rows.  In order to fix this, have students highlight all cells in the table. Instruct them to click on Table.....Autofit.....Distribute Rows Evenly. This should make four equally sized boxes.


8. Students should type a category/heading in each box: Pilgrims, Food, Signs/Symbols, and Birds.  


9. Instruct students to insert Clip Art.  (This should be a review.) You may need to remind them.....Insert.....Picture.....Clip Art.  Have students type "Thanksgiving" in search box.  Remind them to type carefully since spelling is important when searching for clip art.  An incorrectly spelled word gets no results!


10. Students should select 2 or more pictures for each box/category.  The clip art should fit into the category.  For example, in the box with "Food", they should add pictures of Thanksgiving food (turkey, cranberries, pie, etc.).  In the box, with "Pilgrims", they should select clip art of pilgrims or pilgrim clothing. Some pictures may fit into more than one category; students can use their creativity and imagination to select which pictures they would like to place in each box. 


REMIND STUDENTS TO FORMAT EACH PIECE OF CLIP ART!  (Double click the center of the clip art.....Layout....In Front of Text....OK)


11. Give students time to get the clip art into each box.  Instruct them to get 2 pictures or more in each box.


12. If time and facilities allow it, students could print this document for display or to take home.


13. Students who finish early can view a Thanksgiving slideshow at:






This lesson requires lots of modeling and guided practice by the teacher. I make sure I have a full 45 minutes to complete the lesson and lots of patience. The finished products look great!  I encourage students to help each other as we work through the steps, too.


This lesson is a Thanksgiving activity but could be easily adapted to any holiday or theme.  It could work for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any season! Just change the title at the top and the headings in each box.



Lesson Resources

Thanksgiving Table   Classwork
Thanksgiving Slideshow


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