Lesson: Intro. to Online Safety - Lesson 1

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Lesson Objective

1. Identify safe and unsafe information to share online. 2. Keyboarding Practice at introductory level.

Lesson Plan

1. Tell students we will be talking about information that can be shared online and information that should be kept private when online.


2. Display Notebook Presentation, Online Safety K - 2, at SmartBoard. Read the directions orally to students.  The teacher or students can drag each item to the correct column, "Share it" or "Keep it Private".  Discuss each item and why it could be shared or should be kept private.  


3. Display Safety Tips from the FBI on the SmartBoard.  Read and discuss the five tips with students on first slide.  I urge the students to be cautious and careful but try not to scare them too much at this age.







4. Have students watch Garfield Online Safety 1 Video at their computer or project it with a SmartBoard and projector.




5.  Remind students about finger placement on keyboard.  Have them gently place their fingers on "F" and "J" keys.  They should be able to feel the bumps at the bottom of these keys.  Tell them by feeling these bumps they will know they are placing their fingers in the correct position. They should spread their fingers out on the keys next to F and J.  Walk around and offer assistance to any student having difficulty with finger placement.


6.  For same basic keyboarding practice, have students use Keyseeker online.  This is a simple game students can play while practicing keeping their fingers on the home row.  It is slow-moving and allows them time to look for the key.






The Keyseeker game is meant for Kindergarten, but I have found it to be a great tool to use with first and second grade.  Not only do the students get practice with keyboarding, but the graphics are very "student friendly" and entertaining.  I like to use this early in the year because it allows students to find keys at their own pace.  They don't "lose" the game if they are slow. 


If you have access to a computer lab, students can watch the Garfield video on their own computer using a set of headphones.



Lesson Resources

Online Safety K 2   Smart Board
FBI Computer Safety Tips
Garfield Online Safety 1 Video


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