Lesson: Drag and Drop

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Lesson Objective

1. Drag and drop with mouse. 2. Create and print self - portrait using online drawing software.

Lesson Plan

1. Discuss concept of drag and drop with mouse.  I have a mouse that is not functional.  I cut the chord off of it and use it for demonstration purposes.  I have the kids sit in front of me on the floor and show them what my fingers look like when I click, drag, and drop using the mouse. I hold a mouse pad up with my left hand and hold the mouse with my right hand for the demonstrations.  I want them to see how I hold down and let go of the left button when dragging and dropping.  For younger students, I put a sticker on my left fingernail so the kids know which finger I am using.


2. Send students to their computer.  From my Computer Lab wikispace, students access the following site:




Instruct students to drag and drop the squirrel on the screen.  Have them move the squirrel to the bottom of the screen, the top of the screen.  Have them cover a letter on the screen with the squirrel.  Monitor students closely while they are working.  Put your hand over their hand and assist them with dragging and dropping, if necessary.


3. Show students a sample of a self-portrait made using Kerpoof's Super Doodle Drawing Software (by Disney); it's free!  Be sure to practice using the software before you have the students use it!  Print your work for them to see.


4. I made a screencast video that I downloaded to YouTube to share with my students.  It is instructional and explains how to use the tools in Super Doodle. Show video to whole class on SmartBoard.  





5. I have students access the link from my wikispace.  The link is below:




Give students about 15 minutes to work.  As students work, remind them that they are dragging and dropping to create shapes and pictures.  Allow students to print their work. Kindergarten and first grade will need more assistance with printing.  Second and third grade can print themselves. The work can be displayed or sent home with students.


6. If students have extra time, they can draw another picture of their choice for fun!




I monitored kindergarten and first grade closely on this project.  Some students needed more help than others.  For students who appeared to be struggling, I offered to draw a circle for the face.  This made it much easier for them.  The second and third graders did this project with ease.  They even drew pictures in the background to make it look like they were outside playing or on a football field.  


I plan to do this lesson with my students in grades 4, 5, & 6.  I will most likely have them save the picture to their home directory as a jpeg file to use at a later date.

Lesson Resources

Drag and Drop a Squirrel
Super Doodle


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