Lesson: Format Clip Art

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Lesson Objective

1. Demonstrate proper keyboarding by typing poem, "Fall is Here", and playing Spider Typer. 2. Add and format clip art. 3. Text Alignment

Lesson Plan

1. Review proper keyboarding technique with students.  "Feet toward the floor, back against the chair, wrists flat, fingers curved along home row."


2. This lesson will be guided practice; teacher should demonstrate every step at SmartBoard while students follow along at their own computer in a lab setting. Instruct students to open MS Word.  We do it from the Start Menu. (Start ~ Programs ~ Microsoft Office ~ Microsoft Word opens it on our computers.)  If this is the first time to use Word, model how to open it at SmartBoard.


3. When students have opened Word, instruct them to change the font to Arial and font size to 14 using buttons on toolbar; you may have to model this. Students should type their first and last name at the top of the page and press <Enter> twice.


4. Next, instruct students to type the title of the poem, Fall is Here, below their name.   


5. Students should spend the next 15 minutes or so typing the poem.  I have "page ups" which hold paper up for the typist to see as they work.  Either way, the teacher should have a copy of the poem for each student to use as they type.  Tell students to type the poem as it is on the paper provided ~ no changes as they type.  We will do some formatting together once everyone is done typing.  See file, Fall is Here


6. After students complete typing, have them save poem to Home Directories (each student in our district has a home directory to save documents created at school). Name the file, "Fall is Here".


7. Using the SmartBoard, model how to align text.  Show students the three buttons for alignment on the toolbar at the top of the document.  I move my cursor around the buttons (three buttons with groups of lines on them) repeatedly when I am showing the students.  I encourage the students to put their cursor over each button, without pressing it down, to see the alignment options.


8. Explain that the poem is currently aligned to the left.  Have students highlight the entire poem and use the button at the top of the toolbar to center the poem.  Next, have students align the poem to the right.  Explain why someone might align text to the right....add clip art, a table/chart, another piece of text to the left side.


9. Ask students to center the title and poem.


10. Tell students the final change will be the addition of clip art.  Have students point and click AFTER the last word of the poem.  


11. Ask students to look at the toolbar at the top of the document; model at SmartBoard.  Instruct students to click on <Insert>, picture, and clip art. The clip art menu should open on the right side of the document.  Have students choose a word from the poem to type in the Search box.  (fall, halloween, pumpkin, football, etc.)


12. Once everyone has clip art to choose from, show them the button above the top, left picture.  (It looks like a piece of paper with an arrow pointing to the left.)  Demonstrate how the button works ~ it allows the user to see several columns of clip art at once instead of two.   Click on the button again to return to the standard two columns.


13. Have everyone select and single click on one picture.  Tell students not to worry if the picture comes into their document in the wrong spot or is the wrong size.  We will format the picture in order to move the picture easily. Students should use the "x" to close the clip art menu.


14. Instruct students to double click their clip art (in the document).  A menu should pop up on the screen.  Instruct students to select the <Layout> tab.  I recommend using "In front of text", which is the last option, and press <ok>.


15. Students should now be able to click and drag their clip art to any part of the document with ease.  


16. Also, demonstrate how to resize clip art.  Students should always resize by grabbing a corner of the clip art to resize proportionally.  If you grab from the middle buttons, the picture does not grow proportionally.  Demonstrate both at the SmartBoard.


17. Have students place the clip art at the bottom of their poem.  Students may print their work to take home.  They should save their work in their Home Directories.




This particular lesson works well in one session or two.  I have done it both ways.  If time is an issue, the poem could be typed in session one and the formatting done in session two.  Be sure students save their work carefully in session one so they can work on formatting it in session two.  I usually keep a copy of the poem on a flash drive for session two.  If a student doesn't save their work properly, I can quickly put the file on their desktop with my flash drive.  They are then able to participate in the lesson on formatting.


I always try to provide an entertaining game to reinforce keyboarding.  The following link is for a game called Spider Typer.  For grades 3 & 4, I have students use the medium level of difficulty.  For grades 5 & 6, students must use the hard level of difficulty. 







Lesson Resources

Fall is Here   Classwork
Spider Typer


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