Lesson: Road to Revolution

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Lesson Objective

1. Describe the major events that led to the American Revolution.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

-Have students analyze image and answer the questions

-Encourage students to write for the whole time

-Share out interesting noticings and track common themes.


I Do/We Do:

-Describe to students that today they are going to be learning about the major events leading up to the American Revolution via an 8 Act Play.  

- Each Act deals with a different event/aspect of the struggle that the colonists faced. Students will be taking notes and actively participating in the "Play."

- The more interactive the play is for the students, the more engaged they will be.

- For example, during Act One pick one student to go around and collect "taxes" from the colonists.  Place fake money and supplies on student desks and have the tax collector go around and take it all.  Have the students who were colonists give facial reactions in response to having to pay so many taxes.


You Do:

- At the end of each act students must demonstrate understanding by completing a task.  They should be given 3-4 minutes to complete this task and then you must quickly check their work.  Each task addresses multiple learning styles - visual, kinesthetic, etc...


NOTE:  It is a challenge to get through the entire play in one class period.  It involves much high energy and quick pace.  However, the reward is an engaging lesson that encompasses a large amount of information.


- Before students leave, you must review the homework requirements.   They are to create a product that summaries each act of the revolution play.  This is a product of their choosing (ie: timeline, comic strip, rap song, etc).  However, they must demonstrate that they understand the steps that were taken to avoid the war and the multiple reasons that created unrest amongst the colonists.



What went well?

The students love to be involved in hands-on activity.  They like to act, talk, and interact with each other in the classroom.  Also, the different components of the comprehension acitivies appeal to most everyone.


What would you change?

Perhaps this lesson would be more effective if it were given more time - separating it into two lessons in order to give more time and information to each section to deepen comprehension.


What needs explanation?

Students should be given clear directions for the homework.  If you create (or have) examples of a completed homework assignment to show them as a model, that would be an effective way for them to understand.  

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