Lesson: American Revolution

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Lesson Objective

1. Identify the key figures and events of the American Revolution. 2. Analyze the roles of African American in the American Revolution.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

-Have students analyze image and answer the questions

-This Do Now requires students to reflect on the Road to Revolution Play from yesterday's lesson to create a thoughtful response.

- Share out answers and track common themes.


I Do/We Do:

-Describe to students that today they are going to be learning about the major people and events during the Revolutionary War.

- I have a detailed map of significant war battles. I frequently refer to this map to give students a picture of where the major battls took place and how the British and Patriots moved their troops throughout the 13 colonies.

- Students take down notes on the major battles in Lexington, Concord, and Yorktown.  We briefly discuss war strategy and peace terms with the Treaty of Paris. 


We Do/You Do:

- Next, introduce the topic of the role of African Americans in the war.  Read the first excerpt and answer the question as a class.  


- Students are then given 10 minutes to read the remaining passages and answer the "check for understanding" by themselves.  Share out answers.



- Review homework with students.  They must create a timeline of significant events during the American Revolutionary War.



What went well?

The students have many questions about the war and how it was fought.  The more information (maps, routes, pictures of weapons, bunkers, etc) that is available, the more engaged they will be.  


What would you change?

Include more information about other war battles and struggles the soldiers faced (ie: Valley Forge).  


What needs explanation?

This is a very, very concise summary of how the war began and ended.  Students have difficulty imagining the years and battles that the Patriots and British faced. 

Lesson Resources



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