Lesson: Visualizing to become a Character

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Lesson Objective

Students will envision to make a movie in their minds while reading a fiction book in order to become closer to a character.

Lesson Plan

Connection (3-5 mins): Students are seated on the carpet with a partner.  They will be expected to turn and talk to this partner throughout the lesson. We have been practicing many reading strategies over the past few days.  Today we will begin to envision or make a movie in our minds.  Remember reading is thinking and envisioning is a strategy to help us become closer with the characters we read about.

Teach (5-10 mins):
When we read we want to envision or make a movie in our minds to help us get into the character’s shoes and understand what the character might be seeing or thinking.  The irst step is to read the words and make a picture/movie in your mind.  Our goal is to almost become the character, see what he/she sees and think what he/she thinks.  Teacher reveals class chart for the lesson.  (chart is attached) Teacher explains with the use of the chart that as readers we must imagine a characters face, expressions, and actions using our five senses.

Model (5-10 mins):
Teacher reads aloud a part of Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe. Teacher stops frequently to model thinking and metacongnition.  Teacher gives examples of what the character is seeing and thinking in order to better understand what he feels at the end of the story.  Did you notice how I almost became the character and walked in his shoes trying to understand how he felt when he realized the fireflies were beginning to fade.  Now it's your turn to try. 


Teacher reads aloud next few pages of the book.  Turn and talk to a partner about how you think the character felt.  Try to use the prompts on the chart to include all your senses.  Students share out responses

Active Engagement (10-15 mins):
Now that you have practiced our envisioning strategy and becoming the character in our book I want to give you a turn to read and stop and jot what you see by drawing a picture of what you visualize from your book.  Then I want you to try to become the character and jot what the character might be seeing and thinking.  Teacher reads aloud to the end of the book Fireflies.  Students return to their seats to draw a picture of what they envision and write a paragraph abotu what the character might be seeing and thinking. (use envisioning worksheet)


Exit Slip: Teacher collects envisioning worksheet to determine which students need practice with the skill.


Reflection: I teach envisioning repeatedly throughout the school year.  Students really enjoy the chance to draw the movie they see in their mind and its an important strategy for monitoring their understanding.  To differentiate I would push my higher students to add a thought bubble or dialogue to what they think the character might be saying or thinking.

Lesson Resources

Envision class chart   Notes
Envision Worksheet   Activity


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