Lesson: Predict Character Actions from Character Traits

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to use what they know about a characters' traits to predict characters' actions.

Lesson Plan

Warm Up (3-5 mins) Students are seated on the carpet with a partner.  Students will be expected to turn and talk with this partner during guided practice. Students read the objective.  Readers, yesterday we talked about character traits and how they can affect a character’s actions and thoughts.  Today, we will begin to predict character actions based on what we know about that character. 

Instruction (3-5 mins) Remember character traits tell or show you how the characters in a story look, feel, and act.  A prediction is thinking about what happens next in the story based on what you already know. The more we know about a character’s traits the easier it becomes to understand their actions which helps us predict how a character is thinking or feeling. 

Modeling/Guided Practice (10-15 mins) Teacher reads aloud from The Twits by Roald Dahl.  Teacher stops at the end of chapter 1.  Readers, that chapter told me so much about the Twits.  I noticed that Mr. Twit is described as tricky, sneaky, and mean.  I will add these to our classroom chart under character traits that describe Mr. Twit.  Now that I know that about Mr. Twit I can make a prediction about how he will act in the next chapter.  I noticed that he likes to play tricks on people so I predict that Mr. Twit will play a mean trick on Mrs. Twit. 

Now it’s your turn to try.  As I read aloud the next chapter think about what character traits we can write to describe Mrs. Twit.  Teacher reads aloud from next chapter.  Turn and talk to a partner to share any character traits you noticed about Mrs. Twit.  Teacher writes student selections on the classroom chart.  You all did such a great job describing Mrs. Twit using character traits.  Now predict using what you know about Mrs. Twit what action she will take in response to Mr. Twit tricking her.  Turn and tell your partner what you predict.  Teacher charts student predictions.

Independent Practice (15-20 mins) Students return to their seats and complete their own character trait/action chart.  Students should read independently in their "just right" books and fill out the chart using details from their own book.  Students work independently for approximately 15 minutes.  Students who struggle with determining their own character traits may use the list of character traits attached to this lesson.   Teacher should circulate and conference with students during this time.

Exit Slip (3-5 mins) Students complete the character chart as an exit slip to ensure all students mastered the objective for the lesson.  Teacher should review the chart to determine which students did not master the skill.

Reflection: My students struggled with this lesson at first.  I tend to scaffold my questioning on the carpet based on what I know about a student.  The transition from the guided practice to independent work was difficult for students.  I would suggest rather than students working in their independent reading books, students should complete the chart using another story that the teacher reads aloud.  The teacher could read aloud from the text then stop to allow students to fill in their chart before moving on.  Students can also determine if their predictions are correct as an extension activity.

Lesson Resources

List of Character Traits   Activity
Character Action Prediction Chart   Activity


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