Lesson: Setting Affects Characters

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Lesson Objective

Students will notice how a setting affects a characters actions and feelings.

Lesson Plan

Warm Up (3-5 mins) Students are seated on the carpet with a partner.  Students will be expected to turn and talk with this partner during guided practice. Students read the objective.  Yesterday, we learned about how minor characters can affect major characters.  Can someone remind me what the word affect means?  Take student responses.  Remind students a synonym for affect is change.  Today we will learn that characters are also affected by the setting that they are in.  This means that a character may act differently in different locations.

Instruction (3-5 mins) Today we will learn that a setting can affect a character.  For example, I am confident when I am at school because I am familiar with the school building and working here.  But if I were to have to go to a new school and teach a class I would be really nervous and unsure of myself because I wasn’t familiar with the setting.  Or when we read scary Halloween stories that start with a dark and spooky night often the characters are scared or frightened. 

Modeling (10-15 mins) Read aloud from a text.  I prefer to use stories with a strong setting in the first page for example a Halloween story.  I will use the Name Jar by Yangsook Choi because I use it throughout the lesson.  Stop during read aloud to model thinking.  Readers, I noticed that at school Uhei seems to be upset and uncomfortable.  She is blushing, won’t speak to others, and refuses to tell other students her name.  I think she may be acting like this because she is uncomfortable in the school setting because she just moved to America.  Let’s keep reading and see if she changes in different settings.

 Guided Practice (5-10 mins) Teacher reads aloud until a new setting is introduced.  In this story Unhei acts very differently at a local Korean grocery store.  Readers now we see Unhei in a different setting.  She is now at the Korean grocery story.  Turn and tell a partner and describe how Unhei acts in the grocery store.  Students share out responses.
Readers, you are all correct. Unhei is happy in the grocery store.  She says the store reminds her of Korea and she talks to the grocer for a long time.  The grocer even compliments her on how beautiful her name is.  Do you notice how different Unhei is when she is in different settings? 

As readers it is important to realize that just like us, characters act differently based on the setting.  As you continue reading at your seats today pay attention to how characters in your book act in different settings.

Independent Practice (15-20 mins) Students return to their seats and complete their own character chart.  Students should read independently in their "just right" books and fill out the chart using details from their own book.  Students work independently for approximately 15 minutes.


Exit Slip (3-5 mins) Students submit the character/setting chart for evaluation.


Reflection: I always have fun teaching this lesson.  I generally teach it in this unit and review it during Halloween because there are so many great stories with powerful settings.  I think another way to teach this lesson would be to use video clips of movies when characters are in different settings.  My students are always more engaged when technology is involved and this allows struggling readers to invest in the lesson.

Lesson Resources

Setting and Characters chart (part 2)   Activity


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