Lesson: Decisions Based on Values

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Lesson Objective

Students will identify their personal values Students will understand that decision-making is driven by values

Lesson Plan

Lesson Name: Decisions Based on Values                        Course: High School Language Arts by Anke al-Bataineh

Students will identify their personal values

Students will understand that decision-making is driven by values

Essential Questions:            (write on board)
What are your values?

How do values shape the decsisions we all make?

Values Inventory

Decision Scenario Cards

Anticipatory Set:         (10 min)                  Auditory, Intrapersonal, Verbal
Ask students to silently write down which choice they would make in the following situations.

1.     You have just been offered two jobs on the same day. Do you (a) accept a position as a peace officer to help your community for a low salary, or (b) accept a position as a debt collector for a very high salary?

2.    You have just gotten married and you are very happy. Do you (a) buy a beautiful house, or (b) start a college fund for your future children?

3.    You have just been accepted to learn the most exciting career you have dreamed of, but in order to learn you have to move away from all your friends and family for five years. Do you (a) go to learn your dream career, or (b) stay with your friends and family?

Ask students to show hands for what they chose. Introduce the idea that we make decisions based on what we value. Ask which values are shown by each choice in each scenario.

Independent Work:         (15 min)

Ask students to complete the Values Inventory. To maintain quiet, I usually play classical music at this time.

Guided Practice:         (30 min)                  Interpersonal, Kinesthetic, Logical
Distribute scenario cards around the room and a scenario inventory sheet to each student. Ask students to circulate and make hyptothetical choices.


When this is finished, ask students to compare their choices and their inventory results and to write a personal reflection on their values and how their values have impacted their decision-making in the past. They should also address how they can use this knowledge in future decisions.


Discuss some of the key decisions that Marji makes in Persepolis. Ask what values are demonstrated in each- and whether Marji was following her true self when she made those decisions.

For example, Marji

            Goes to the protests

            Makes fun of hijab rules

            Gets married

            Leaves for France

Conclusion/Assessment:         (5 min)
To allow students to see what they have in common, play “four corners” with the values on the summary of the inventory.






Vocab to Watch Out For:


Lesson Reflection:


What went well?

What would you change?

What needs explanation?

Students put a lot of thought into their decisions and were interested in learning more about themselves.

I would add more scenarios or do more together, they finished more quickly than I anticipated. However, they were able to have a complex discussion of Marji’s decisions.

You can take this much further in terms of character education, but I left it very simple in order to just cover enough that they can reflect on this concept in future units.



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